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Your project

Initially, there is your project. In your product or process development, a question arises. A crucial information is missing or you just need to be sure …

The first contact can be by mail or by telephone. We talk about your project, the problems or issues that arise. We focus the conversation to get a good understanding of your need, and to begin to consider a scientific approach to solve it.

We ask you for the first elements which may be useful to consider the good way to answer your question. If needed, we request you to meet each other, or for a visit, if the complexity of the phenomenon or the device requires it.

Bureau d'études - projet - draft - CFD

We take full advantage of your experience, and your knowledge of the job to propose the relevant assumptions. We make the connection between your business and the scientific study to be implemented; We detail these assumptions and their impact on costs, delays, and the accuracy of the result.
Be quickly informed on the study to implement to answer your question.

Computers and softwares are evolving. Our ambition: to make the fluid mechanics and thermics expertise affordable to all companies. The biggest ones that daily use CFD, and the smallest ones that never tried this kind of tools by a lack of informations or budget.


Depending on your tools, your working methods, or the projects requirements, We choose to conduct the study at NUMaIRO office by using our own calculation means (computing server, CAO software, CFD Computational Fluid Dynamics software), or we integrate into your teams. We regularly report on the progress of the study and associate you with each step of its realization.

Fluid flows and heat exchanges analysis

CFD, (Computatinal Fluid Dynamics) allow us to solve equations that describe the physic of flows and heat exchanges. A numerical simulation is composed of geometrical assumtions, physical models, computing. A velocity, pressure or temperatures profile in the computationnel domain is given and analysed. The different steps are shown below:

Modèle CFD du'un coude de mélange


The modelisation starts with the adaptation of the geometry to the calculation. Here is set the “computational domaine”. Depending on their consequences on the phenomenon to descibe, the of géométry are maintained or simplified.

Illustration d'un maillage - CFD


The computational domain is subdivided in cells. All cells form the mesh. In fluid mechanics, it is important to take into account the boundary layer effects with a meshing refinment near walls.

Températures dans un coude de mélange


The physical models to describe and boundary conditions are set. The relations between the considered variables are solved on each cell of the mesh.

Animation - écoulement dans un coude de mélange - CFD


When the calculation has given a valocity, temperature or pressure profile… Post processing constist in dispalying relevant views and values that will make sens to these results in order to answer the initial question.


The lessons learned from analyzes of flows, thermal transfers … allow to understand the phenomena involved and to propose solutions for improvements. From the simple recommendation, we can propose, considering the technical realities of the customer, solutions (design) that will satisfy the objectives. Measurements, conceptions, drawing, mechanical validations … etc can be done thanks to the assistance of partners.

Suivi de particules dans un cyclone - CFD

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